Redfoo speaks Spanish?!! Slow Dances with a “Knockout” Babe! ft. Biannca Rose

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Yo this one is for my Spanish speaking homies that be watchin my videos! I see ya’ll out there and I’m thankful for your views. . Obviously it didn’t go very well when I tried out ya’ll language, so I’m not ready to make it a full time thing just yet. But hey, gimme some time and I’mma be espanyolo all day. Just if you’re wondering, I literally didn’t even know what Furr was telling me to say. Those fools didn’t give me any hints on the translation cuz they wanted me to be surprised when I watched the final video. Needless to say, that wasn’t even close to what I thought I was saying. If you guys like my videos, I gotta stop and say thanks again cuz we try to fit these on our dinner nights, just to make the evening more fun and give you an inside look at our ridiculous sense of humor or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid to be active in the comment section, cuz I’m down for any feedback or props that’s comin my way.

Thanks to our friend Biannca Rose, who was visiting from Australia at the time and was totally down to get random. She’s got her own channel with her sister, and you should totally check it out cuz they’re gorgeous and even more entertaining as a pair. If you liked her in the mansion, you’ll love her up close and personal.


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