Redfoo’s Forced to Blind Call Random Girls for CALL ROULETTE!

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These guys love to bug me on my days off and tell me all about a stupid game I know nobody else plays; yet I’m forced into doing a video demonstrating how to make oneself sound like a crackhead.

In “Call Roulette,” terrible people take your phone away from you and dial a random contact. Your job is to guess who you’re talking to. And instead of asking ‘who is this’ your words are fed to you by evil human beings holding random not-so-everyday objects from your own house. Okay, maybe I’m a little over-specific with my description but if you watch the video, you’ll have a much better idea of the kind of ridiculous stress this might put you through. I do NOT recommend this game unless for some reason you actually want to sound like you’re recovering from Amnesia and going straight into Alzheimer’s.

I apologize in advance if we end up randomly calling YOU. It’ll be really obvious if my words include more kitchen spices and travel brochure terminology than what is normal in a general conversation.

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