Redfoo has a HUGE cockblock strategy! ft. Sarah Fitzgerald

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Yooooo, I really went all out tonight. We totally set up our dude, Aris, to get the ultimate burn by the boss, ME. Check out Sarah Fitz, she’s is a friend of mine from out here in Hollywood, her insta is fire if you wanna get to know her further, and HEY leave your comments below about anything or anyone you wanna see on PokeMondays! It’s fun turning a normal dinnertime into something ya’ll can enjoy, so let’s figure out ways that you can play a bigger part in it. See you next week, and don’t forget to check the Party Rock Game Room every Friday, and leave your comments there with any suggestions on what we should play! Keep shining, party people.


Redfoo’s weekly web series “Poke Mondays” is not a cooking show, but a weird & random show where a bunch of friends and a special guest get together at the Party Rock Mansion not to have sex w/ each other, but to enjoy one another’s awkward presence and originality while eating Poké. Peppered w/ competitive moments to win over the guest’s love, Redfoo and his crew aren’t afraid to do WHATEVER it takes to win! But this is not a game. It’s POKÉ MONDAYS!

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